Engineering degree from Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité
Doctoral degree from Mines ParisTech
1997 best thesis award of Mines ParisTech

My resume

2009- R&D engineer at SILKAN (formerly HPC Project)

I'm currently in charge of the technical management of several collaborative French and European R&D projects around DSLs, DSeLs, and compilation towards various architectural models.
In particular, I contribute to the WildCruncher appliance, which embeds a Scilab to C/C++ compiler, and Par4All which is a C source-to-source compiler which targets various architectural models (OpenMP, Cuda, OpenCl,...):
Par4All 2.x :
  • Version based on Clang, under study.
Par4All 1.x :
  • Version based on PIPS, the Interprocedural Parallelizer of Scientific Programs developed at Mines ParisTech.
  • In charge of analyses and transformations concerning memory accesses (pointer analyses, memory effects and data flot analyses, including arrays, pointers and structures, coarse grain parallelization, array privatization and scalarization, ...).
    These works underlie several PhD theses and several contibutions to French and European projects such as SMECY, OpenGPU, SCALOPES, MediaGPU, SIMILAN.
  • Implementation of an automatic task generator from data flow C code for an asymetric MPSoC with shared memory for the SCALOPES project.
Course on Array Region Analyses during the Polyhedral School, may 2013.
Participation to the program comitee of IMPACT 2014 (4th International Workshop on Polyhedral Compilation Techniques).

1998-99 Teacher at ESIGETEL

C, Smalltalk, TCL/TK, program semantics and algorithmic

1996-97 Post-Doc at the Centre de Recherche en Informatique of Mines ParisTech

  • Evaluation of the implementation of convex array region analyses on real life applications
  • Implementation of a generic engine of array region analyses
  • Manual optimization manuelle of a geostatistics application

1993-96 PhD thesis at the Centre de Recherche en Informatique of Mines ParisTech

Array Region Analyses and Applications (with honors)

  • Introduction of new concepts of array regions for program re-engineering and optimization (IN and OUT regions)
  • Formalization of array region analyses
  • New algorithm for the interprocedural translation of convex array regions
  • New algorithm for the privatization of array regions, using IN and OUT regions
  • Implementation in PIPS, Interprocedural Parallelizer of Scientific Programs
This work has been rewarded by the 1997 best thesis award of Mines ParisTech (Prix Le Chatelier).

1993-94 Master Thesis (French DEA) on Computing Systems at Paris VI university (with honors)

1990-93 Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité (also named SUPELEC), engineering degree

  • Computer science specialization
  • Research option : dynamic parallelization of Smalltalk programs using a virtual time mechanism (Time warp).
How to contact me ? beatrice dot creusillet at free.fr