Engineering degree from Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité
Doctoral degree from Mines ParisTech
1997 best thesis award of Mines ParisTech

Welcome to my professional page.

As Research and Development engineer at SILKAN, I'm currently in charge of the technical lead of several French and European R&D projects around DSLs and DSeLs and compilation towards shared memory or heterogeneous architectures.
In particular, I contribute to the WildCruncher appliance, which embeds a SciLab to C/C++ compiler, and the Par4All platform whichs aims at helping the migration of software to multicore and other parallel processors.
My main fields of interest are :
  • the optimization and parallelization of scientific programs;
  • semantical analyses (e.g. abstract interpretation);
  • interprocedural analyses;
  • program transformations (mainly coarse grain parallelization and array privatization/scalarization).
Over the last years, I have mainly worked on the extension of effects and array region analyses for C programs, in the continuation of my PhD thesis. These developments are integrated in the PIPS free open workbench.
I have presented them extensively during the 2013 Polyhedral School.
How to contact me ? beatrice dot creusillet at free.fr